Services and rates

Services offered

Translations from French and English into Russian in my many areas of expertise including: luxury jewellery and watches, cosmetics / perfume, fashion, viticulture, energy, construction / architecture, automotive industry, culture, geopolitics, tourism and education

Revision of texts translated into Russian by other translators

French-Russian liaison interpreting1

Certified translations recognised by the French courts and administrative authorities and/or by the Embassy of the Russian Federation in France

Indicative rates

Certified translations
Official documents:
birth certificate, marriage certificate,
divorce certificate, death certificate,
family record book, passport, residence permit,
national identity card, driving licence,
criminal record check, etc
€40 / document
Diploma + transcript of marks (high school) €60 / document
Degree / diploma + transcript of marks (higher education) €120 / document
Other documents €35 / page (250 words)
Minimum charge €30
Non-certified translations
Technical documentation, brochures, operating instructions, contracts, advertisements, catalogues, presentations, correspondence, press releases, articles, tourist guides, websites, etc. Starting at €0.15 / word (source document)
Reduction possible for technical texts containing many repetitions. Estimations based on analyses performed by SDL Trados Studio (CAT software).
Liaison interpreting
Length of mission Paris and its inner suburbs Other locations
1/2 day €200 €300
1 or 2 days €400 / day €500 / day
3 or 4 days €300 / day €400 / day
5 or more days €250 / day €350 / day
1 or 2 hours €150 flat rate
Accompanying the client to an international trade fair: €200 / day
+ any expenses for travel / accommodation / meals

VAT not applicable. Article 293 B of the French General Tax Code (Code Général des Impôts).

1. I do not offer conference interpreting services.